2020 Dates and Fees


Practical and ARSM

Practical exams (session one)

Booking period: 3 - 17 April 2020 **Session Cancelled**

All instruments and grades

Russia June **Session Cancelled**

Practical and ARSM fees

Prep Test 95 EUR
Initial Grade (Bowed strings only) 98 EUR
Grade 1 108 EUR
Grade 2 123 EUR
Grade 3 143 EUR
Grade 4 155 EUR
Grade 5 170 EUR
Grade 6 195 EUR
Grade 7 208 EUR
Grade 8 248 EUR
Performance Assessment 110 EUR
Ensemble: Primary 208 EUR
Ensemble: Intermediate 248 EUR
Ensemble: Advanced 418 EUR



Music Theory

We will now be delivering Music Theory assessment at Grades 1 to 5 as an online exam. Candidates can take the exam in any location where they have a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and internet access.

For more information click here.

Online Music Theory exams will be available for Grades 1 to 5 only. Music Theory exams at Grades 6 to 8 will continue as paper-based exams as planned, if we can offer these exams safely and in line with government guidance

We are also introducing a new online exam booking service. Find out more here.

Music Theory exams (session one)

Booking period: 1 - 10 January 2020

Exam date

Russia Wednesday 4 March 2020

Online Music Theory exams (session two)

Booking period: 28 September - 12 October 2020

Exam date

Russia Tuesday 10 November 2020 at 17.30

Music Theory fees

Grade 1 76 EUR
Grade 2 78 EUR
Grade 3 80 EUR
Grade 4 88 EUR
Grade 5 96 EUR
Grade 6 101 EUR
Grade 7 105 EUR
Grade 8 106 EUR


Translations of Theory papers are available on request. Please enter a T in the ‘Specific needs’ box for each candidate who requires a translation.


Other Diplomas*

Diploma exams (session one)

Booking period: 1 - 15 April 2020 **Session Cancelled**

Diploma exams

Russia June **Session Cancelled**

Diploma fees

DipABRSM (complete exam) 663 EUR
LRSM (complete exam)** 1468 EUR
FRSM (complete exam) 2130 EUR
Resit fee: DipABRSM 530 EUR
Resit fee: LRSM 1174 EUR
Resit fee: FRSM 1704 EUR


* ARSM exams take place during Practical exam periods - see the first tab for details of exam dates and fees.

** LRSM Teaching fees are payable in two instalments. 40% must be paid on submission of the Case Study Portfolio & Video of Teaching Practice. The balance is payable when entering for the remaining sections of the exam.


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