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Syllabus overlap information

In the first year of any new Practical syllabus, candidates can for a limited period choose to perform pieces set in the lists of the preceding syllabus, but they can't combine pieces from the preceding and new syllabus (except in the case of items that appear in both).

No such overlap period applies to any new scale requirements, sight-reading and/or aural tests, which take effect from 1 January of their year of introduction.

Candidates worldwide may play set pieces from the 2016–2019 syllabus until 31 December 2020.

Candidates can take exams using the Percussion (from 1990) Syllabus until 31 December 2020. All exam requirements must be from the same syllabus – candidates may not present a mixture of requirements (i.e. pieces or supporting tests) from old and new syllabuses.

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